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. it has still been harassing the erogenous channel is it -- the verizon as zones of the political body. >> he is out of control. >> with that, we end our coverage of this final light of the democratic convention in charlotte. >> i am gwen ifill, thank you for being with us. >> major funding has been provided by -- [applause] >> i think we did it after the republican convention. >> we just wanted it to be over. we had just spent two weeks in a tiny both with our dearest, closest friends. we got on the air every night at about 6:00, and get off around 11:00. we are on c-span, so i cannot say what i wanted to say, but say things did not happen because we were in that booth. >> did you have a special sense of accomplishment? >> because of the two women -- we really did not think about it that way. we like to think that we were chosen because we have a lot of experience, between us, what is it, a couple of hundred years? >> wait a second. >> for me. she has only been active for a few years. because we have been doing this for a long time, covering politics, we love covering politics and we
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1